Travelling with severe allergies

Travelling with severe allergiesHolidays can be the highlight of the year, so don’t risk them being ruined by an allergic reaction. A little forward planning can make all the difference to having a happy, allergy-free holiday.

  • Does your destination matter to your allergy?
    Is the food or the insect you are allergic to particularly common at your planned destination? Do you need to think ahead about the type of accommodation you plan to use, or the way you plan to eat because of this?
  • Talk with your doctor about your travel plans
    Chat about whether there are any extra medications you may need to take with you. If you have asthma, have it checked by your doctor. Make sure your prescribed medication(s) are in date before you leave the doctor’s office.
  • Practise what to do in an emergency before you leave
    Remember to familiarise yourself and any other teens and adults coming on the trip with the ASCIA Action Plan and have a practise session with the trainer device (if provided).
  • Make sure you carry enough medication with you
    If travelling overseas or to remote areas, consider purchasing extra.
  • Think about self catering
    If you have food allergy, accommodation with a self-contained kitchen is a great idea. Sometimes it is just less stressful to eat in rather than have breakfast, lunch and dinner out.
  • Keep some safe food with you
    Make sure you always have a stash of easy to prepare safe food with you so you are not tempted to take a risk with a questionable purchased food because you are so hungry.
  • Remember travel insurance (if travelling outside of the country)
    Make sure you alert the insurance company to your food/insect allergy as you may have to pay a little extra to be covered.
  • Check out medical services/hospitals at your destination
    A little research before you leave could help in the case of an emergency.


This article has been produced in collaboration with Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia and Alphapharm Pty Ltd (trading as Mylan Australia) in the interest of anaphylaxis education